Kashmir is one of the dream destinations in the world, which fascinates the tourists coming here to explore and experience its hospitality. The Houseboats in Kashmir are not only competitive but also luxurious and comfortable in all respects, satiating the tourists at the end of the day. And that is where we come in the scene. Located on the Nagin Lake, the world famous Wangnoo Houseboat are each designed and appointed to satisfy the most elegant and extravagant tastes in luxury lifestyles. One of the finest luxury chain of houseboats in Srinagar, we offer the ideal and the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency to our guests from holiday makers to business travellers. The houseboats offer luxuriously decorated rooms replete with modern amenities.

Wangnoo Houseboats are classified Super Deluxe by the Department of Tourism. Our boats are moored on the top sight in west side of Nigeen Lake, granting a superb view of the Himalayas. Each boat has been built by hand, its exquisite interior intricately carved from fragrant cedar wood and sumptuously decorated using beautifully carved walnut furniture, hand-woven wool and silk rugs, khadi embroidery and richly coloured papier machie items. All provide the guest with a feeling of gracious living which is a perfect complement to the rich natural beauty of the surrounding scenery. The Houseboats have a sitting room, dining room and one to five rooms. Each bedroom has an attached bathroom and a double and single bed so that it can be used for single, double and triple occupancy.

There is also a Special Honeymoon Boat with one bedroom with attached bathroom, one dining room, one sitting room and a veranda. The comfort of veranda at the front of each boat is the perfect setting from which you view the mountains and enjoyed the sun rise and feel it on your body and watch the shikaras skimming silently across the still waters. To complete your pleasure, a personal house-boy is on hand at all times to care for you and ensure your personal comfort.